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AOI - Optical testing of electronic component groups

Our AOI system offers the following test phases:

  • Testing of presence and polarity of components with placement angles of 0 - 360°
  • Exact component position (misalignment, angle)
  • Soldering check
  • Short circuit test (solder bridge)
  • Components (character) recognition 
  • Barcode capturing via camera
System: LaserVision LV4
Manufacturer: Schneider & Koch

X-Ray inspection
  • Fine focus FXT-100.25
  • X-ray voltage 100KV / 200µA
  • Fokus < 5µm

  Electrical test

  • JTAG / Boundary Scan
If required, after the visual testing, an electrical test can be carried out. If a test environment is not yet available for your system, we will be glad to support you in developing an optimal solution for your project.
This means that Ka-Ro electronics always guarantees top quality!

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Mark Rautenhaus
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