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Ka-Ro TX6Q

Linux kernel powered by Ka-Ro electronics

Ka-Ro electronics announces the full integration of the TX CoM family into the Linux 3.16 stable kernel.

Ka-Ro has unified its releases across the Ka-Ro TX CoM range, starting with the TX28, TX48 and TX53 and including its dual- and quad-core flagship TX6 as well as the new TXA5.

Adaptions were performed by the in-house engineering team. Thereby Ka-Ro is capable of providing comprehensive support and customisation services.


Ka-Ro's BSP & NXP's Yocto Project

The Yocto Project is an open-source collaboration focused on embedded Linux development.

For more information regarding Yocto Project, see the Yocto Project page:


The NXP Yocto Project Community BSP (formerly Freescale) is a development community outside of NXP providing support for i.MX boards on the Yocto Project environment. NXP provides an additional layer called the FSL Community BSP, to integrate a new NXP releases with the community based.

For more information regarding NXP Yocto Project, see the NXP Yocto Project page:

Freescale Yocto Project main page
NXP's FSL Community BSP

Such a Yocto Project built rootfs can be used directly on the TX6 with the Linux kernel provided by Ka-Ro, but will require customer/manual adjustments.


Windows Embedded Compact powered by Ka-Ro electronics

Windows Embedded Compact is a componentized, real-time operating system designed for small-footprint devices at the edge of enterprise networks. With support for ARM architectures, Windows Embedded Compact allows devices to leverage the latest innovations in hardware, and equips developers and device manufacturers with the tools they need to create nimble, enterprise-class intelligent system solutions, while reducing time to market.

All adaptions were performed by our in-house engineering team. Thereby we are capable of providing comprehensive support and customisation services. 

More information on the Microsoft product pages

Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Windows Embedded Compact 7



Android is a modern operating system and an innovative software platform not only suited for smartphones.

Offering a broad range of communication amd multimedia capabilities as well as a sophisticated user interface and experience, Android forms the ideal platform for modern and stylish control interfaces.

The Java based libraries provided by Google within the Android SDK offer an easy start with application development, even for inexperienced developers. Additional ease is provided by the Eclipse based IDE. A broad range of extensive Java APIs enabled controlling various peripherals, custom interfaces and services can be integrated via Java Native Interfaces, in short JNI.

Powered by Ka-Ro partner kernel concepts

Our partner kernel concepts provide ready to use BSPs for our systems and can offer custom BSP development. They also offer individual solutions for specific products.




The QNX® Neutrino® RTOS has been qualified to various safety and security standards for use in products with high criticality and low tolerance for failure.

Powered by Ka-Ro partner SITRE

SITRE provide QNX Board Support Packages for our TX6 and can offer custom BSP development.

For more information regarding QNX support, see the SITRE page:



The Universal Boot Loader

Ka-Ro TX modules are always delivered with pre-installed U-Boot firmware.

U-Boot supports several low-level-debugging options and file download via Ethernet or serial X/Y/ZModem. These files can additionally be stored into the permanent flash-memory to be started by command or power-on.

All adaptions were performed by our in-house engineering team. Thereby we are capable of providing comprehensive support and customisation services. 

TX6Q Konfiguration



Frequenz1 GHz
RAM    1 GiB

128 MiB

    8 GiB

Temperatur-20 °C - 70 °C



68 mm

31 mm

4 mm




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