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StreetPong - powered by Ka-Ro

Ka-Ro CoMs are integrated in hundreds and thousands of applications in machines and systems and devices all over the world. Although there are some really innovative, mind-boggling and mission-critical applications out there, it would be basically true to say that in the majority of cases, the application isn’t exactly what you’d call fun. So it’s nice to be able to introduce you to a project Ka-Ro is supporting which is all about fun and games.

StreetPong! The inventors describe it as a concept about ‘playful urban interactions’. (Yes, admittedly, you’re right, even that sounds serious…!) The end product though is a game which waiting pedestrians can play during the red phase of a traffic light via a touch screen display. The opponent can be anyone on the other side of the street who is also waiting to cross. The game itself is based on the classic arcade game 'Pong' which goes back as far as 1972. Pedestrians can immediately grasp the game and in doing so make contact with the player at the traffic light across the road. So StreetPong is a new fun way to communicate and interact with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

The StreetPong story started as a project idea at the HAWK (Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst), the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, in Hildesheim, Germany, and has now – after it become really popular on the internet - been implemented at a pedestrian traffic light in Hildesheim. Along with the support from the HAWK and the City of Hildesheim, various industry partners volunteered their services including SWARCO, Langmatz and Ka-Ro’s Embedded Linux partner Pengutronix integrated the Ka-Ro TX6DL

Anyone curious to find out more about
StreetPong and see what it looks like in action can access the StreetPong website and check out the videos here: streetpong.info vimeo.com/48514003

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