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Qualcomms's eMMC download tool is used to do a complete installation of low-level software, bootloader and operating system.

This application is verified on Windows 7 and Windows 10.
It is not verified on other Windows platforms.

Unpack TXSDUpdateTool.zip

Unpack the TXSDUpdateTool-2017-02-15.zip archive to your PC. There is no installation required.



1. Connect the Starterkit to your PC

Close BOOTMODE jumper

Only the USB connection is needed for the first step.

1.a Execute TXSDUpdate.bat

Depending on your PC it may take a while for the USB connection to get established.

2. Boot

Open BOOTMODE jumper



2.a Terminal Output

  • Use a terminal program like Putty (115200, 8N1)
  • use the RS232 DB9 connector.

3. Ethernet Connection

An USB Ethernet adapter is used for Ethernet. The TXSD provides only one USB port on the Mini-USB connector. The large USB type A connector is not usable.

  • Unplug the PC USB connection.
  • Use the cord power supply on the 5VDC jack
  • Connect the USB Ethernet adaptor to the Mini-USB port.



3.a Start Ethernet

The ethernet adapter is recognised after a "usb reset"

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