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5 Document Revision history

2009-05-28Initial release
2009-07-21ETN_RXN, ETN_RXP wrong pin mapping corrected.
2010-01-27New Layout / TX37 removed and TX51 added instead / Fastener Kit part number.
2010-03-12Page 8, TX25 reduced output current was missing in the history, Page 32 “refer to bootmode table below“ removed.

Page 25, SD-Card schematics shows a standard SD-Card pinout. “MICRO” removed. Page 30, Typo in 24bpp row.

CAN interface section and TX51 and TX53 specific extended and 2nd CMOS Sensor Interface added. Remarks for TX28 and TX53 included and several other remarks updated.

2010-09-21TX28 remarks updated.
2011-01-20TX28 2nd Ethernet Interface signalling and TX53 LVDS option added.
2011-12-052.18 ENET_INT and ETN_3V3 pin number corrected / TX53 SATA option added / TX28 BOOTMODE remark
2012-12-20TX48, TX6 added / TX Heatsink Kit added / Several remarks and recommendations added
2013-03-22TX Heatsink updated and (7 K/W) TX Heatsink Kit added.
2013-09-16AC97 removed from the SSI description, SSI module remarks added.
2015-02-02TX6 VOUT ratings changed, added TX6 VBACKUP supply range for version without DS1339 RTC
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